How to Fix Game Pass Not Working in Palworld

How to Fix Game Pass Not Working in Palworld

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Tips, Otak Games – There have been reports that players are unable access Palworld as a result of the Game Pass Not Working. These are some possible solutions for this issue.

Palworld continues to sell like hotcakes in spite of its Early Access status.

Now that early-access is available through Xbox Game Pass players can explore Palworld. Like other multi-player games on launch, this one isn’t without its issues.

Some Palworld gamers have experienced the Game Pass Not Working Error. There are simple solutions to help get your game working.

Fix the Game Pass Not Working issue in Palworld Xbox

You might have already chosen which buddies you will get. Or you could even imagined your perfect base. Game Pass Not Working keeps you from being able to play.

Resetting the console can help you resolve this issue.

  1. Click Settings in the Xbox main screen.
  2. System.
  3. Select Console Info.
  4. Click on Reset console.
  5. Pick Reset My Games & Apps.

If you do this, your console will be reset to a brand new state. Palworld can be launched afterward.

How to fix the Game Pass Not Working problem in Palworld PC

After you have restarted the PC version of the game with Game Pass, another option is to repair and verify the game.

  1. Launch the Xbox® app.
  2. Palworld should be in your Game Library.
  3. Manage can be selected by selecting the Manage option when you right-click on the game.
  4. The Files tab will have the option to Verify or Repair.
  5. Wait for the whole process to be completed.

The Game Pass Not Working problem in Palworld can be resolved by using these solutions. In the event that none of these work, it’s time to be patient. Server stability is likely to occur due to an increase of players. Devs have been made aware of this issue.

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