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Le Mans Ultimate game is scheduled to be released on Steam Early Access on 20 February

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News, OtakGames – Studio 397 and Motorsport Games’ official WEC title Le Mans Ultimate will have some good news to report after a downright silence – the game is about to launch into Early Access on Steam.

Released on the 20th of February for £24.99. The Early Access release will include an in-progress build that will be working together with the community to make improvements through an “collaborative process”, adding new features as well as bug fixes, as well as QOL enhancements over an not specified timeframe from today until the release date.

This is pretty typical to be used for the Early Access drop then, But the main thing to note in this case is that the game has been around for a while. The game was initially scheduled for release in the year 2023. However, when dawn broke in the new year there was not a indication for the title.

Le Mans Ultimate Game

This was in line with news in the fall of 2023, in 2023 that Motorsport Games would be letting 40 percent of its employees leave. BTCC made it clear that they were leaving the company which effectively canceled the official BTCC game being planned for. In light of that the announcement wouldn’t be an unexpected event to see Le Mans Ultimate to be the next to follow.

It’s great to learn that the game is still moving towards the finish line. The question is whether it’ll be positive is an entirely different issue however, Early Access gives the community the chance to provide precise feedback and help determine the direction for the development. The pressure is also taken away from the game to provide an unfinished experience from the beginning. It’s fine as it’s as long as the Toyota GR010 is a life-changing experience at the point it enters v1.0.

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