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Crypto Games: ‘Hamster Kombat’ Airdrop, GTA 6 Bitcoin Trailer, and McDonald’s Metaverse on This Week

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NFT, OtakGames – The cryptocurrency as well as The NFT gaming industry is busier than ever before, is happening with the most popular games preparing to be released and airdrops of tokens rising as well as a steady variety of other events happening constantly. There’s plenty to absorb!

For those who need an instant method to catch with the most recent developments regarding crypto-related video games, we’re going to launch This Week in Crypto Games.

This weekend’s roundup features some of the most important news stories from this past week, with a couple of other bits that you may have overlooked. In addition, we present a selection of our most original news stories of the week.

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Hamster Kombat explodes: Telegram-based game Hamster Kombat has been gaining popularity as the most buzzy game on the market for crypto and the company claims it’s collected over 100 million gamers. It’s a huge number, equivalent to 1-9 of the total Telegram users, as well as three times more number of players Notcoin had before it ended the “mining phase.”

There’s been an enormous amount of interest about the crypto exchange management clicker game. Its officially-owned Telegram channel growing to become the largest overall social media platform for messaging, and a lot of interest for daily combos and daily cipher codes daily combination as well as daily cipher codes which earns players millions of coins free.

The previous week this week, Hamster Kombat announced that the Hamster Kombat team announced it was the token launch for The Open Network (TON) is planned for the month of July and gives gamers an opportunity to participate in the airdrop.

GTA 6’s “Buy BTC leak There’s been a myriad of speculations concerning Grand Theft Auto implementing cryptocurrency to be used in the next game however it still was an absolute surprise when the very first GTA 6 trailer surfaced in December featuring “BUY BTC” plastered on the top. It was a suggestion by the leaker the leaker has no evidence that the game will include Bitcoin.

However, now we are able to learn more about how this event was created. The reliable pseudonymous crypto-sleuth ZachXBT sent messages, which were allegedly leaked, among his leaker (called Skenkir) and allies in which they talked about removing the game’s trailer off Rockstar Games’ Official YouTube accounts for Rockstar Games before adding the BTC logo and then leaking it to Twitter.

McDonald’s metaverse Grimace enthusiasts, come together! McDonald’s fast restaurant chain McDonald’s has created its own metaverse-themed game in Singapore as well as holders of the Grimace NFTs that were that were released in Singapore can enjoy exclusive features with token-gating.

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