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How to Increase Your Union Level Fast in Wuthering Waves

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How to, OtakGames.net – Apart from the collecting of characters, strengthening your arsenal and discovering the world around you, a major goal in Wuthering Waves is the goal of stepping up your Union Level as quickly as possible. These are the most effective ways to get up the fastest you can within the game.

How to Increase Your Union Level Fast in Wuthering Waves

Experience at Union Level is gained via a myriad of ways in the game. Some have the potential to give fast experience boosts. This list of all the available options is according to their effectiveness.

Daily Activity

When you have completed the Main Quest of Ominous Star and get the Guidebook and are given different tasks that focus on getting leveled rapidly daily. It ranges from fulfilling each day’s mission, and then updating your weaponry, to battling bosses as well as other small objectives. They are reset each day with a set timing.

When you complete them all, you get massive experience boosts and will increase your experience levels by completing multiple levels in one go during the initial game. Also, you get some free Astrite So, make sure you prioritize these tasks!

Spending Your Waveplate

Another type for “dailies” in the game can be found in your Waveplate. It is displayed in the game’s map when you open it and permits you to earn reward points from bosses as well as simulation Training sections. This gives valuable resources like Shell Credits, character or weapon experience. The gauge is charged for 1 Waveplate every six minutes, which means you’ll have an average of 240 per all day.

It’s the best way to earn quickly Union experiences, however make sure you are careful about what you’re spending your money on. Some bosses are not necessary to your character.

Quests and Sub-Quests

Every quest within Wuthering Waves will give you significant amounts of experience particularly the main Quests. You should prioritize these quests to unlock new options for the game and gain a lot of adventure. Once you’re done you can begin pursuing the many blue quests throughout the world.

In certain instances, you’ll require a higher Union Level to unlock the following Main Story quests, with the first one being the level of 14. Be sure to complete your newly unlocked missions as quickly possible, since they’re an enormous experience boost all by themselves.

Completing Milestones

The next tab of the Guidebook includes the Milestones and Milestones are different advancement objectives that you can finish to gain experience and to gain resources. The majority of them simply by advancing your character and playing the game. This is the last step.


The search for treasure chests, the delivery of Sonance Caskets, discovering teleports as well as other small adventures will provide an extra knowledge. These are small quantities per one, however they accumulate quickly when you explore your area. It’s probably the least efficient method to increase your level and is also the most reliable option if not completing quests and you don’t have a Waveplate remaining. There are lots of Echoes to grind however.

Although you’ll be able to level up quite quickly during the first morning hours in Wuthering Waves. However, it becomes tougher as you advance So get yourself prepared to hard work. You must ensure that you don’t leave any trace of your exploration on a map as each experience worth of points is counted. You also gain more options to obtain the long-awaited banner.

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