Ragnarok Origin Gets War of Emperium

Ragnarok Origin Gets War of Emperium

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News, Otak GamesGravity Game Hub is back bringing a number of new features to Ragnarok Origin, the official sequel to the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. One such feature is War of Emperium (WOE). A number of new content that are now being presented are mostly focused on players who have reached level 90. What are they?

  • New equipment provides increased skill and strategic advantage.
  • Captivating new storyline specially designed for Lv. 90.
  • The addition of Helheim dungeon inhabited by tough enemies for you to defeat and get attractive prizes.
  • Extreme Challenge Lv.4: Players can test their Skills and endurance.
  • Endless Tower: Challenge has been unlocked reach floor 50

Ragnarok Origin Gets War of Emperium

In addition to that, now there is also a Nightmare Temple that players can try out. In the Nightmare Temple, there are 5 tough bosses that can be defeated to get level 90 Divine Realm equipment.

But the most interesting is the much anticipated Guild vs Guild (GvG) Siege. This GvG mode in the Ragnarok game is known as War of Emperium.

All guilds will compete in GvG Siege for control of five castles. The guild that manages to defend the Castle from attacks by other guilds for 10 minutes, or the guild that takes control of the Castle when the 60 minutes end in battle, will gain ownership of the Castle for one week. Guilds that own a Castle can enjoy special bonuses, including access to an exclusive dungeon.

Lastly is the gameplay Poring Go! Go! Go! Through this event, players have the opportunity to get various prizes, including valuable equipment and costumes such as: Cloud Roaming, Salute to Detective, Rainbow Goggles, Formidable Firework, and Mascot Moo-Moo.

Overall, the current Ragnarok Origin update brings exciting new gameplay and content. With some new experiences such as: increase in Lv. 90, Nightmare Temple, GvG Siege Mode, and Poring Go! Go! Go! interesting, the players prepare to take part in an exciting adventure.

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