Rumors The Price of GTA 6 is More Expensive Than GTA 5
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Rumors The Price of GTA 6 is More Expensive Than GTA 5

Posted on – Rumors are circulating that the price of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 is very expensive. That said, the figure exceeds the offer given by Rockstar for GTA 5.

Initially this was reported by Niche Gamer, which said the value reached USD 150 or around IDR 2.3 million. They even said that the budget for GTA 6 ranged from USD 1 billion or around IDR 15.3 trillion, to USD 2 billion or around IDR 30.7 trillion.

Unfortunately none of this information has been confirmed by Take-Two or Rockstar. So, fans can assume that this is just a rumor.

Yes, although it is not impossible for both of them to release GTA 6 at a super expensive price, it seems that possibility is very small and the difference is certainly not too big from its predecessor.

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However, when referring to collector’s editions, the price is reasonable or could even be more expensive. However, gamers should not consider it as valid information, and must still wait for confirmation from Take-Two or Rockstar.

As many gamers know, GTA 6 has been eagerly awaited for its arrival. Therefore, there is a lot of confusing information spread on the internet.

Previously, information had circulated that this game would feature two main characters, male and female. This speculation comes from news circulating that Rockstar based the main story on the story of two robbers named Bonnie and Clyde.

There are even details about the main female character, who is known to be named Lucia and the male character is rumored to be called Jason.

When referring to the lives of Bonnie and Clyde, it is assumed that GTA 6 players will often carry out robberies using these two characters. Then it seems that players can switch between them as needed on the fly, while carrying out a mission.

Apart from this, gamers must continue to consider this just a rumor until publishers and developers are willing to speak out regarding this excitement.

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