Taki Games Partners With Game7 DAO to Launch Game7 Food Fighter

Taki Games Partners With Game7 DAO to Launch Game7 Food Fighter

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News, OtakGames – Game7 Food Fighter is a brand new mobile game created by Taki Games, in collaboration with Game7 DAO. The project aiming to provide longevity through the utilization of deflationary incentives in a brand new economic model known as Takinomics.

The social gaming platform and game developer Taki Games has revealed that they have teamed up with Game7 DAO in the launch of an exciting new Web3 game called Game7 Food Fighter.

What is Game7 Food Fighter?

Game7 Food Fighter is a game on mobile which is slated to explore to overcome the issues of Web3 gaming, by attempting to develop long-term sustainable tokenomics, where the token’s design focuses on the game’s utility as well as player benefits, as per the announcement posted on LinkedIn.

Through collaborating to create this title on blockchain, Taki Games claims that the project will also be a result of confidence and the ability to innovate, which is made possible through the existing communities both sides have that share a common goal of “making Web3 gaming mainstream” and bringing “gaming revenues on chain.”

In a public thread in the Twitter/X channel, Taki Games states that they’re committed to providing the “high-quality mobile game experience” supported by the “responsible economic framework” and “robust player ownership.”

To reach their objective for sustainability over the long term Studio is currently introducing the concept they refer to as Takinomics.




Takinomics is designed to combat the problem of hyperinflation and hype, that the creators claim are two major issues within the Web3 gaming industry. To achieve this the developers will employ incentives that are deflationary, where players make money playing instead of the exact strategy as previous games that earn players money The developers will be awarding TAKI “based on real value contributed.”

According to the official announcement, when players’ participation creates “real revenue for the games,” and then the participants get TAKI, which prevents any exploitation by farmers or botters. The rules are “hard rules” in place which include offsets built into every reward emission, making sure that inflation will be managed to maintain Takinomics inflationary in line with the plan.

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